The Tennessee Counseling Association exists to enhance the quality of life and well-being in the state of Tennessee



Our Goals Are:

  • To provide a united organization through which all persons engaged or interested in the counseling profession can exchange ideas, seek solutions to common problems, and encourage personal and professional growth across the lifespan.
  • To promote high professional standards in counseling to increase public confidence and trust through program development, continuing education, accountability, and the ethical conduct of counselors across Tennessee.
  • To advocate for the counseling profession in Tennessee through dissemination of information to counselors and the public at large, promotion of needed legislation and monitoring of legislation pertaining to the counseling profession, identification of current and needed professional counseling opportunities, positions, and programs in Tennessee, and provision of continuing education opportunities.
  • To promote the acceptance and value of individual differences and the holistic well-being of all individuals across the lifespan.
  • To identify and provide continuing education opportunities to encourage professional growth, creativity, research, accountability, and service in the counseling profession in Tennessee.
  • To encourage and support the work of divisions and chapters of the Tennessee Counseling Association.


The mission of the Tennessee Counseling Association is to promote the development of all counseling professionals, advance the counseling profession under a unified association, and to use the profession of counseling to promote the well-being, respect for diversity, and human dignity of all Tennesseans.

The Tennessee Counseling Association is a branch of the American Counseling Association