TCA Annual Conference - Sponsorship Prospectus

November 21—24, 2024               Franklin, TN

Who attends the TCA Conference?

The attendees of our conference represent our membership.  We are home to counselors across all work settings in the state of Tennessee.  Our members are the boots on the ground; doing the work of counseling each day and making referrals to other professionals.  They are also administrators; designing and implementing programs and making purchasing decisions to operate those programs.  In some cases, they fit into more than one of these categories.  Many are counselor educators with a private practice or administrators who also teach a course, or practicing counselors in a doctoral program.  We will have school counselors, mental health counselors, graduate students, counselor educators, rehabilitation counselors, and more! 


From Kat Coy, TCA Executive Director

I am so excited to tell everyone about the unique sponsorship opportunities we have for this year’s Tennessee Counseling Association Conference. 

Illustrate your presence as a leader in the field by advertising to hundreds of counselors across the state and region.  With hundreds of counselors in attendance, this conference offers a unique opportunity to market your products and services to a large receptive audience while also helping all our counselors by supporting this professional development experience. 

In short, your sponsorship ensures that our counselors have exposure to specific training that helps students in our schools and clients in our communities. 

Our attendees are looking for resources to purchase and referrals to make.  Don’t miss this opportunity to highlight your business. 

Reach out for more details: [email protected]

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