Dear Tennessee Counseling Association Members,

I am delighted to serve as your president during this next year. 2020 has been a challenging year that continues to highlight the importance of our work and the need for professional collaboration. TCA is here to serve you, our members, so you have skills, training, and support to help clients in face-to-face or telehealth settings. Our professional unity gives us strength during trying times and helps us maintain optimal services and advocacy for clients of all ages and cultural backgrounds. In this light, we hope to see you at some training events this year offered specifically to help us move through this Pandemic and to assist those in society who face systemic prejudice and discrimination. Collectively, through TCA, we have power to create change and offer hope to so many suffering right now. Let's make 2020-21 the year we became closer, offered more advocacy, and learned more than we ever imagined. I look forward to working with you this year!

Janet Hicks, PhD, LPC, CSC
TCA President, 2020-2021
Professor & Director, Mental Health Counseling
Belmont University
ACA Fellow 2015



TCA OFFICERS: 2020-2021

Executive Officers

President: Dr. Janet Hicks
President-elect: Dr. Nicole Cobb
Past President: Dr. Steve Zanskas
Secretary: Terry Sharp
Treasurer:  Anna Millard


Contract Employees

Executive Director: Kat Coy
Membership Secretary: Cherrie Holden

Committee Chairs

Awards: Yvette Carter
Bylaws, 2020-21: Jay Tift
Ethics, 2020-22: Mary Mayorga
Human Rights: Layla Bonner 
Membership Chair: Kevin Doyle
NBCC Liaison:  Chris LaFever
Public Policy and Legislation: Lisa Henderson and Jordan Tatom
Publications: David Dietrich
Strategic Planning: Derrick Shepard
TCA Foundation: Lisa Henderson
Archives: Claire Dempsey
Parliamentarian: Tracy Cagle
Research: Patrick Murphy and Elizabeth O'Brien

Graduate Student Representative: Elections in July, 2020




President: Dr. Jay Tift


President: Julia Cole


President: Mary Mayorga


Interim President: Eva Gibson 





President: Mark Loftis


President: Madge Gregory

Martha Polk

President: vacant

Middle Tennessee

President: Lisa Davies

South Tennessee

President: Open

South Central

President: Jennifer Hood

Smoky Mountain

President: Chris Lafever


President: vacant

West Tennessee

President: Constance Certion




President: vacant


President: vacant



President: vacant


President: Chris Ann Schiro-Geist